Come Experience The Beauty of Czech Republic With Paths Less Travelled

See the Natural Wonders of the Czech Republic On Paths Less Travelled
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There’s always a new and unexpected beauty around the corner…
It’s something that we love, and we invite you to fall in love with it as well- with us.

Breweries, Castles, & Countryside Tour

6 days & 6 nights package
$3800 per person

VINEYARDS, Castles, & Countryside Tour

8 days & 8 nights package
$4200 per person

Custom Tours

Let’s Co-Author Your Adventure Together! How Can We Help You?

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About Us

As a family-owned company, we put our guests first in every decision we make by only offering limited tours a day to a maximum of 15 people.

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What we do

Your Go To Destination For Tours Off of The Beaten Path

Comprehensive Tours

We’ve got you covered from the moment we say hello to the moment that we say good-bye.  Transportation, guide/translator, lodging, food, beverage, access to PLT events… Our tours include just about everything except for flights and evening events in the cities that we will be visiting.  See Tour Conditions for full outlines.

Service Oriented

Each tour is staffed with a dedicated driver and a dedicated guide/translator.  Our tours are centered around sharing the authentic culture/beauty that most people wouldn’t have otherwise known existed.  We bring people beyond the boundaries of mainstream tourism to explore the majestic wonder that lies on Paths Less Travelled with an emphasis on service and experience at the very core of all that we do.

Leisurely Adventure

Experiences such as tasting heavenly cheeses paired with varieties of astounding wines, finishing off a trip to the beer spa with a hot stone massage, and being pulled by horse and carriage through castle gardens or to see where the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire were once stored are thoughtfully paired with events such as hiking mountain ridges to see breathtaking vistas, exploring underground cave systems via boat, harvesting grapes in vineyards, and so much more…

Must Do!!!

My wife, family in Czech Republic, and myself have poured our hearts into making this trip as authentic and memorable as possible for you.

We have thoughtfully developed each aspect of it and crafted it to share some of the best of experiences that our family in Czech Republic has shared with us over the past decade of visiting with them. Each of the sites that we are visiting are sites that Czechs themselves look forward to visiting during their vacation time. They are sites that the vast majority of Americans, and the world for that matter, would not otherwise know existed and we are so excited to share with you just the way that our family has shared with us!


Come and see what fun awaits on Paths Less Travelled 

From our family to yours, we hope to see you soon!


Wesley Springer, Florida USA