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About Us

We are a family owned and operated company that both develops and delivers thoughtfully crafted experiences that provide people with the opportunity to enjoy the undiluted essence of travel experiences that would otherwise not have been considered as options by the typical traveler.

Our founders are comprised by two families (Valchari & Springers) living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida & Czech Republic, who are linked through each family’s matriarchs (stepsisterhood).

About Us

Katerina Springer was born and raised in the Czech Republic and spent much of her childhood with Radim Valchar and Sarka Valcharova, but eventually decided that she wanted to sew her oats in the US. That is where she met Wesley Springer, married him, and eventually gave birth to triplets.

Both families have (2) boys and a girl and have spent YEARS finding reasons to travel together on both sides of the pond.

We have a shared a passion for travel, discovering new places, and rediscovering old places and have made traditions out of planning trips for each other when visiting each side of the world.

One year, while bicycling through Czech Wine Country and tasting wines and touring castles, we passed by a WWII bunker just beyond the Austrian border. Wesley, the only naturally born American in the group, was enraptured at this experience. As he lead his way through the bunker with a stick to clear out cobwebs, he realized that he was doing something that possibly no other American had ever done before, or, in the very least, that no other American had experienced in a VERY long time.

It was at that moment that it occurred to us that we could share our family’s knowledge of this beautiful country and share such awe-inspiring moments with fellow Americans/Canadians in a way that no other company has ever done before. This is how the inspiration for our company was born.

Come join us to let our family’s show you the wonder to be held in beautiful Czech Republic and continue to come back as we expand our offerings through this beautiful country and others.