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About Us

We are a family-owned and -operated company that builds and delivers thoughtfully developed experiences. This brings Paths Less Travelled, LLC throughout the world—to those who wander but are not lost.

The first country that we will be providing packaged travel experiences to is the Czech Republic, but we hope to continue to craft unique and tasteful experiences to other areas throughout the world in the future.

Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic: Aerial view of Bouzov Castle surrounded by forest, at sunny summer day.

Our owners met, dated, and were married in St. Petersburg, FL. Throughout the years, our founder, Wesley Springer, was able to visit and see the beauty of the Czech Republic through the eyes of a native, and live many wonderful experiences off the beaten path as this is where co-founder Katerina Springer was born and raised.

Over the years, it became apparent that the vast majority of the people who he spoke to about the Czech Republic only knew about Prague and couldn’t even name another city in this beautiful country.

During one of his trips, while bicycling from castle to castle and tasting wine, Wesley saw a strange mound on the side of the road and asked what it was. It was, in fact, an abandoned WWII bunker along the border of the Czech Republic and Austria.

Without hesitation, he grabbed a stick and a camcorder and recorded the video of his exploration of the bunker’s interior as he cleared out the massive amounts of spider webs with the stick in his hand.

It was here that he realized that he may be the only American to ever step foot inside of there, or at least was the first in a very long time. This gave him such a feeling of awe that it gave him goose bumps.

That moment is when the thought to be able to share his family’s knowledge of this beautiful country and share such awe-inspiring moments with his fellow countrymen in a way that no other company does or has done previously was developed. This is how the inspiration for our company was born.