COVID-19 Travel FAQ

We are ready to help you plan your next adventurous trip to Europe! Czech Republic is slowly opening up to vaccinated travelers from the United States and beyond, and we will be happy to share our valuable experience with you.

Check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here to make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

Covid-19 Travel FAQs

Will We Be Providing Tours in 2022?
Yes! We’ll be providing our 6 Day & 6 Night “Breweries, Castles, & Countryside Tour” in March, will be launching our 8 Day & 8 Night “Vineyards, Castles, & Countryside Tour” in May, and are planning on fulfilling a few custom tours as well 😊. Start browsing now as we expect for tours to begin filling quickly!

What Measures is Paths Less Travelled Doing To Help Lessen Risks Related To COVID?
Our operations team is fully vaccinated and we regularly update our internal procedures based upon the ever changing landscape of requirements and suggestions provided by authorities such as the CDC, US Department of State, and the Czech Ministry of Health.
More information regarding requirements is provided below.

Will I Need To Be Vaccinated for COVID-19 To Take A Tour?
No, there is no requirement for vaccination for Americans to be able to enter Czech Republic. As of December 7th, 2021, Czech Republic considers the US to be a High-Risk country and provides very specific requirements to be able to enter.

What Are The Requirements For Entering & Visiting The Czech Republic?
All requirements are outlined on the site for the Ministry of The Interior of The Czech Republic:


The following chart provides an outline as to the requirements for entry as provided on 12/27/2021. See “Requirements For Entry
tab to see this chart.

All visitors will be required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form: https://plf.uzis.cz.
Instructions as to fill out the form will be provided to our guests the week prior to travel.

All visitors will be required to provide a negative PCR test prior to arrival.
Airlines are also requiring tests that are no older than 72 hours prior to boarding. Adhering to this standard will require a rapid PCR test. To find a location that provides these tests, you may find value in using the following site: https://testfortravel.com

Testing requirements upon arrival are frequently changing, but we will be providing our guests the most updated requirements weeks prior to departure date.

Vaclav Havel International Airport has a testing facility onsite.
Information related to the testing site at the airport can be found at the following site: https://www.prg.aero/en/testing-covid-19
Specifics related to testing protocols, costs, and delivery of results can be found at the following site: https://www.covid-ghc.com

Paths Less Travelled adheres to the requirements as outlined by both the Czech and US governments. Until further notice is provided, we will require that our guests take the “Travel Test” at a minimum and present the results to our guides at the introduction meeting or prior. This testing options provides for an SMS text with results within 24 hours accompanied with an e-mail containing a secured laboratory report with an international test-taking certificate. Testing options include a saliva sample or a nose swab, based upon your preference.

There is also an express PCR option that we recommend that provides tests results within 2 hours.
This testing option, however, is a little pricier. Please see the links provided above for specifics.

Regardless of the option selected, we highly recommend ensuring that your cellular plan is enabled with international service (to ensure receipt of the SMS text) and setting aside some additional time directly associated with testing. Bookings can be made in advance by calling +420 739 500 500 or by e-mailing covid@ghc.cz.

As of 1/1/2022, the Czech government will consider the validity of COVID-19 vaccinations to be 9 months from the date of the 2nd dose according to the US Embassy in Czech Republic’s site as follows: https://cz.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information-71/
Information related to certificates that the Czech government accepts can be found at the following link: https://koronavirus.mzcr.cz/en/recognition-of-vaccination-certificates-from-other-countries/

What Would Be Needed To Return Home To The US?
On December 6th, the requirements for return were updated to include that travelers older than 2 years old provide a negative viral test taken within one day of departure prior to boarding their airplane.
More information related to requirements for returning can be found at the following link for the US Department of State: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel.html

The FAQ site (listed below) also lists that travelers may instead travel with documented recovery from COVID-19 and outlines specifics associated with this exception.
FAQ’s are provided by the US Department of State at the following link: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/emergencies/covid-19-faqs-for-travel-to-the-us-information.html

What Will Happen After Arrival to The US?
There is no federal mandate that requires quarantine upon arrival, however the CDC does offer recommendations at the following site: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/international-travel-during-covid19.html#anchor_1634925927097

Please note that for the time being, the wait for a new or renewal passport is about 12–18 weeks. If you need your passport sooner, make an appointment to go in person to the nearest US Passport Agency. For details and the location of the nearest passport-acceptance facility, see the US Department of State’s travel site or call 877-487-2778.

Should I Purchase Travelers Insurance?
For some travelers, insurance is a great idea; for others, it is not. Throughout the pandemic, many travel insurance companies have expanded and/or adapted their coverage related to COVID-19. If purchasing insurance specifically for COVID-19 concerns, make sure to carefully review and understand your policy. It’s important to know that Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage is the only type of policy that covers fear of travel due to COVID-19.

In Summary
There will always be risks when you travel. And while insurance helps mitigate many expenses associated with those risks, it won’t eliminate that risk entirely. When choosing if travel insurance is right for you, do your homework, ask questions, and think about how much peace of mind is really worth to you.

Should you have any additional questions/concerns, please don’t hesitate to:

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E-mail Us AtCustomerService@PathsLessTravelled.com


Requirements For Entry

Independent Travelers
Is Europe truly “open”?

That remains to be seen. Especially in the early days of reopening, travelers heading to Europe should remain flexible and expect surprise closures and interruptions. If you’re easily frustrated by unpredictability, consider waiting until things are more reliable.

As across states in the US, European countries have their own masking requirements, social distancing guidelines, and restrictions on gathering in public — for example, strict limits on restaurant capacity, or outdoor dining only. You can research current rules by searching for the country’s name and “COVID regulations.” For more information, seek out reports from travelers who’ve recently traveled to the place you’re interested in.


COVID-19 and 2022 Tours
Check your passport!

Please note that for the time being, the wait for a new or renewal passport is about 12–18 weeks. If you need your passport sooner, make an appointment to go in person to the nearest US Passport Agency.

Can I book a 2021 tour?

We’ve decided not to attempt any tours for 2021, instead focusing all our energies on a big return in 2022.

Will you be running tours in 2022?

Yes! We’ve lined up a full slate of our tours for 2022, and they’re available to book now.